first, a message from our founder


Welcome to Acuitology,

Across the globe, economies have been severely impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic . Many businesses were simply not prepared to work remotely, collaborate with their partners or to effectively engage & serve their customers.

The current operating models of businesses were either turned redundant or made obsolete. Their value proposition was no longer appealing to their customers, as the outbreak led to dramatic changes in consumer behavior.

Although few businesses did find pockets of opportunities, they were unable to leverage to their full potential in the absence of well-established digital strategies.

Thanks to the advances in medical science, the pandemic will eventually be brought under control. But organizations, that fail to evolve, will not be able to develop and/or sustain their competitive advantage.

Acuitology was therefore established to help businesses prepare for the new norm, by harnessing the power of advanced technologies, thereby creating a value-oriented, engaging experience for their customers.

Thank You.

our expertise

We have decades of experience in carrying out large-scale digital transformation for local, regional and multinational organizations, in embryonic as well in developed markets. 

We specialize in advanced data analytics, cloud computing , robotic process automation, blockchain technology, risk management strategies, lean startup & agile methodologies.

our acuitologists

We call our talents our Acuitologists!

They are pragmatic, passionate, creative and insightful individuals. Our Acuitologists are highly qualified with vast experience in Banking and Finance, Insurance, Pharmaceutical and Hospitality industries.

Thinking like customers and acting like owners is the biggest intellectual acuity of Acuitologists.

Vaibhav Sakorikar

Vaibhav Sakorikar

Founder & MD

A seasoned banker turned entrepreneur with regional & global leadership experience in various multinational organizations – Citibank Singapore, Merrill Lynch/Bank of America US, International Stock Exchange Switzerland, Tata Consultancy Group India, TechcomBank Vietnam & Bank Danamon Indonesia.

Passionate learner with Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from US, Masters in Technology (M.Tech) & Bachelors in Engineering (B.E.) from India, Blockchain certification from INSEAD and Banking Risk Management certification from GARP.