ACUITOLOGY is a startup firm established amid the Covid-19 pandemic. Our aim is to digitally transform local businesses such that they are prepared for the new norm, thereby creating a meaningful and engaging experience for our clients’ business stakeholders.


Our vision is to become our clients’ most trusted partner as we co-create value for their business.


Our mission is to provide our customer with highly desirable, technically feasible, operationally practical, and financially viable technology solutions. 

core values

customer orientation

Our client’s success is our success. We spend every effort in understanding the client’s business ecosystem, unmet needs, pain points and must-have features.

open innovation

We source ideas and learn from existing industry know-how to present more innovative and efficient solutions.

value creation

We deliver highly sought after technology solutions, thereby gaining our clients’ trust and confidence.

fruitful collaboration

We harness the power of collective intelligence by fostering teamwork, embracing diversity and complementing each other’s strengths to develop a competitive advantage.

integrity appreciation

We are committed to doing the best for our clients, employees and communities by  being transparent, respectful and honest.